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MARCH 28, 2019

“Humane Chicken” Eric talks about manipulative marketing in the egg industry, and also weaves Starbucks in there somehow. http://mailchi.mp/1c8b749e72ae/humane-chicken  


DECEMBER 7, 2018

“Meat Eating” Eric goes waaaay out on a limb to compare vegetarians and omnivores, noting they have more in common than they think. If I could recommend one newsletter: START HERE! https://mailchi.mp/1e83d7b2eefa/meat-eating

NOVEMBER 16, 2018

“Holiday Season Specials” https://mailchi.mp/5619443548a3/holiday-poultry-sale


OCTOBER 26, 2018

“Barnyard Report - October 2018” https://mailchi.mp/d93cad3c183a/eat-your-view-226517


OCTOBER 5, 2018

“Why We Graze” Eric sums up our Integrative, Rotational Grazing system in a nutshell and lets you know why you should give a hoot about it. Excellent way to learn about us! https://mailchi.mp/f79c7770ee8c/why-we-graze


SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

“#eatyourview” https://mailchi.mp/856ec212062a/eat-your-view


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

“Why We Farm” https://mailchi.mp/1aa00e1b241a/srf-inaugural-newsletter